Traditional venture funds often promise support for their portfolio companies and repeatedly fail to deliver

FoundersPad delivers extensive support for our portfolio companies by matching them with a carefully curated team of expert mentors who are committed and properly incentivized to help them succeed. With FoundersPad you have deep access to highly qualified resources at a critical stage in your company’s life...without having to burn through cash to get them.

We often begin our partnership journey with companies and their founding teams much earlier in their maturation process, when most other venture funds consider an investment as “too early” for them.

It all starts with the MVF (Most Valuable Founder)

Our pragmatic approach focuses on nurturing our Most Valuable Founder (MVF). We work closely with our MVF’s to add experience and expertise to their team to get through the critical early stages. We get tremendous satisfaction from working with companies that have an incomplete team or systems, an immature revenue plan, or are struggling with product/market fit, and we have the confidence and resources to help your company build a sustainable high growth business.

We're not afraid of great teams in exciting markets that have major holes like immature revenue plans, sales struggles, and lack of product-market fit. 

Our formalized Mentorship approach

Many individuals, investors and funds will claim to offer mentorship. While their intent is well meaning, this is often little more than lip service. At FoundersPad, our formalized mentorship approach is intensive, extremely effective, and has a proven track record of success.

FoundersPad works hand-in-hand with founders to identify their specific traction and expertise gaps, and source experienced, vetted experts to work directly with them hand-on. This interaction is weekly, and lasts for 18 months. Each mentor team is properly incentivized toward the success of the venture.

The FoundersPad team and our roster of FP catalyst mentors includes company founders, investors, operating executives and industry experts. These mentors get involved with companies at due diligence stage, which has the added benefit to our investors of helping to de-risk early stage investments. We are confident in our ability to create scalable companies and superior returns, and our track record speaks for itself.

We are extremely selective in our investments and mentorship, because we commit a considerable amount of our most precious asset: our time and the time of our valuable mentors.

In addition to first round and follow-on capital, FoundersPad has an extensive network of diligence and deal flow partners across Oregon, California, and the Pacific Northwest. We serve the venture capital ecosystem with our ability to engage early and lead seed rounds, and as a pipeline, resource and early success indicator for some of the larger venture funds in the area.