Free Workshop > How to Raise Your First Round of Venture Funding

Watch this Free Workshop with FP Partner Genevieve LeMarchal: “How to Raise Your First Round of Venture Funding.”

Want to learn exactly what early stage VCs and FoundersPad ventures look for in a fundable business? 💰

If you’re thinking of raising a round of funding in the future, maybe you are helping someone else with their fundraising, or maybe you just want to dive in and learn the ropes, this workshop is for you! 🙌🏼

  1. You’ll learn what exactly a seed stage VC or angel finds most desirable in the types of companies we like to engage with and fund.

  2. We also will pop open the hood of a typical venture fund so you can understand exactly what drives and motivates VCs and how best to position your opportunity to your advantage.

  3. We’ll also share about our unique funding model at FoundersPad.

  4. You’ll learn the basic process that you can get started now preparing yourself for a successful future raise!

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Genevieve LeMarchal