Our Mission:

Early-Stage Success.

FoundersPad is a mentorship-focused early stage venture fund, equipping entrepreneurs the right way with the resources, talent and access they need.


How We Work

FoundersPad delivers extensive support for our companies by matching them with a carefully curated team of hands-on mentors who are committed for a meaningful length of time, and properly incentivized to help them succeed. FoundersPad companies get deep access to these highly qualified resources at a critical stage in their company’s life...without having to burn cash to get them.

We often begin our journey with companies much earlier in their maturation process than other early-stage funds, at a point when when most other venture funds still consider an investment as “too early.”

How We Do It.


Who We Invest In:

FoundersPad focuses on building and funding companies that we can make meaningful impact in within 12-28 months, getting our companies into revenue, scaling in their markets faster, and hastening “tipping points” to benefit from the change they help bring about. 




Since the inception of FoundersPad in 2012, we have engaged over 24 companies with our focused mentorship model. Of those companies, nearly half are achieving meaningful revenue.




Our companies have on average increased their valuations 26 times the amount they were valued at when they began working with FoundersPad.



follow-on funding rate

Over 3/4 of our portfolio companies go on to receive additional funding after FoundersPad.


It takes talent and passion to build great companies.

We focus on quality over quantity and lean in extensively with the companies we invest in. Moreover, we forge strategic alliances, helping to position companies for success in follow-on funding, strategic alliances, business development opportunities and more.


“With FoundersPad we were able to fill in some crucial gaps with e-commerce, fashion and finance expertise without the stress, time and expense of hiring before we really needed to. This has been instrumental in getting us off the ground. ”

Christine callahan / Founder, CEO of ella & oak



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