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We believe that winning starts with preparation.

We believe that the best startups begin with great founders.

We believe that customer interaction is the key to startup success.

We believe that your startup can benefit from the right network.

We believe developing key relationships are a catalyst to growth.

We believe strong startups begin with a great cohort.

We believe customer development is just as important as product development.

We believe the best mentors are successful founders who’ve been in your shoes.

We believe that every startup needs a strong mentor team.

We believe the right team can turn innovative ideas into great companies.

FoundersPad is for entrepreneurs with the passion and drive to disrupt key markets.


We support our entrepreneurs with a 12-week, top quality lean startup program focused on customer development that helps you develop, refine, and grow your business.

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As entrepreneurs ourselves, we are passionate about providing mentoring that will help promising entrepreneurs turn innovative ideas into market-leading companies.

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Learn more about the game-changing startup companies and alumni assisted by FoundersPad.

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Founderspad seeks the brightest concept or early stage, pre-revenue or post-revenue entrepreneurs to join our community.

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